Cancellations more than seven (7) days before the booked date will be repaid in total. Rebookings must be made more than seven (7) days before the booked date.

Ansvar och försäkring vid kajakpaddling

Always use a life jacket when kayaking. You must be able to swim to rent a kayak or to join a guided tour. All paddling with a rented kayak is at your own risk and in case of damage (not associated to normal usage) or theft of rented equipment, you will be held compensation liable. Fejan Outdoor can’t provide an insurance for theft or damage to rented equipment, so please check with your insurance company that you are covered before renting. At the return of rented kayaks and equipment you will clean the kayak’s interior and exterior with fresh water, that we will provide together with cleaning utensils.Your responsibility is to return rented equipment at the island Fejan as long as you haven’t already booked Kayak Taxi. We can pick up equipment for a fee, but please call ahead.

Allemansrätten/The Outdoor Access Rights

Fejan Outdoor is the caretaker of some of the most popular islands in this region, and we will charge anyone making a campfire directly on rocks a fee of 5000SEK. Never make a fire directly on any smooth rock surfaces, it will crack and leave a scar. Please ask for advice on how to make campfires in this region if you are unsure, usually it’s forbidden to make fires anywhere in the summer. Never break branches of living trees, don’t pick flowers, bring back all your trash, toilet paper included. Never do your dishes directly in the water. No one likes rice floating around. Thanks for understanding.


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